It’s not that difficult (and no-obvious solution)

As someone who has struggled with my body image issues, I had always wanted myself to look like a size 12. In high school, this wasn’t an issue because most girls would wear clothing that fit into their ideal body size. For me though, the only way I could achieve this was through thinning or going underweight. This led to me spending hours every morning and evening at the mirror, working out the most basic parts of my frame. Nothing too extreme. Just doing cardio and strength training on one leg and doing upper body workouts on different legs. The results? My back was killing me on a frequent basis. I still had a large bumpy stomach in the mornings when my day started (and how much more I ate! I’m proud of what it does for my belly).

But as things evolved in my life, I needed to face some new obstacles to lose weight with best diet foods. Not the ones from dieting, but those ones related to being stressed out over the daily grind of living. These were the stressors that had been weighing me down, the emotional ones that I didn’t want to deal with anymore. They brought about anxiety and depression in ways I never thought they would. If anything, these kinds of thoughts often lead to bad eating habits. I thought if I knew how to avoid them, then maybe I could eat healthy without feeling sick. So while at home, I researched how to live a healthier life and not feel as stressed out as I did.

I found several tips online that helped me to manage weight with best diet foods. Some focused on using supplements, others talked about exercising regularly. Some tips, however, emphasized making change to your entire lifestyle. One tip that really stood out for me was “eat less of everything else, and more of the same thing.” There are a few foods that have become my go-to if I find myself constantly overwhelmed with stress. That might seem counter-intuitive, but it works effectively.

From best diet foods coloring to sugar packets to low-fat yogurt, there’s enough variety available for people who don’t love just one kind of food. And it doesn’t just help keep me motivated; it helps me manage the stress as well. Maybe once in a blue moon, I need something sweet. Perhaps I’ll crave cake instead of chips on my dinner plate. Sometimes we just don’t know when that day will come, so we’re better served with small, digestible bites that aren’t trying to fill us up. Plus, if there’s nothing else to get me going as a human being, eating little amounts of whatever I want makes for a great mood and helps push through stressful situations.


When planning my meals for the week, I try to make sure I have a lot of protein on top. Protein helps prevent muscle failure, which in turn helps keep my muscles healthy. Also, it helps maintain adequate levels in my blood so that my system can function properly. But it’s hard enough for me to stick with my goals without having too much protein in my meals. My brain needs to keep my energy stable during short bursts (which means if I skip a meal, my brain tends to stop at my desk!).

However, not eating protein means my body cannot process insulin normally. It leaves me with the urge to snack because insulin isn’t readily available anymore. I know the best strategy is to add protein to fill my stomach, but I have a hard time sticking with that. With that said, this does mean that protein is sometimes scarce and I may make extra mistakes.

But in general, when I plan my week of eating best diet foods, I tend to focus mostly around carbs. They provide energy faster than other foods, and it comes from complex carbohydrates such as brown rice. Even though they can also provide plenty of calories, they don’t give me enough energy to last as long as larger foods like burgers. Plus, I find that it’s easier to eat larger amounts without realizing it. Especially since they can be mixed with smaller types of starch.

I prefer eating these in salads to making sandwiches because salad dressings are typically made of simple ingredients like avocado oil, lemon juice, and olive oil. So if I’m serving pasta or burgers, it’s easy for me to enjoy both. As for pasta, I simply add some canned spaghetti sauce on top and it’s fine. Likewise, I can occasionally have turkey or chicken pasta on a side salad. But I prefer the shredded type because it doesn’t have a huge amount of added sugar.

My advice for anybody hoping to follow a similar path is to put aside some money for groceries. It helps my budget and allows me to still feel involved in the grocery shopping process. You should be able to cook at least 3 meals per week, and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare one meal! Most importantly, I make sure that I cut back on unhealthy stuff. The worst ones for me now include sodas — especially flavored ones. They tend to irritate my mouth, and then they add up pretty fast.